White Waves is not an environmental organization or initiative;
it is a documentary

Forming a team that is strongly connected personally to the sea; surf does not mean that we look at the things one-dimensionally, through just the eyes of the activists. Our aim to protect our waters actually motivates us to investigate thoroughly and understand the reasons for the pollution in greater detail. We are strongly aware of the complexity of every single kind of pollution and the diversity and interests of the people and groups involved. 
Informing the public appropriately and accurately, the main principle of our work remains objectivity – following a professional journalistic approach.


The internet contains plenty of information – we rely on our own eyes: Traveling across the beaches of Europe we visited the sites of the events to discover environmental threats on beaches, to document their hazards, surfer’s experiences and the fight to clean our oceans and seas.


From the smallest biomedia, to the voice of the individual surfer, to the community and the industries involved: WHITE WAVES makes an integral examination of every pollution case.


We chose crowdfunding as the main financing source of our project, because we wanted to keep independent of sponsoring, and with this independent in our investigation and the issues we cover in our documentary.

A big thank you to all our supporters that made this project possible.